Clear and balanced strategy of competition development is a key to economic growth of the country. However in Ukraine such a strategy needs a major improvement at present. As a consequence the economy of the country is not making use of the benefits of systematic development based on competition policy mechanisms and is not sufficiently protected from monopolistic abuse, other manifestations of anticompetitive behavior of economic entities and individual public authorities.

Considering these facts at the Parliament of Ukraine an All Party Group on «Protection of Economic Competition» (hereunder referred to as All Party Group) was established. 

Activities of the All Party Group are aimed at:

  • joining together efforts of legislative and executive branches of government, expert and business environment, international experts and institutions to discuss and to implement changes in legislation which are aimed to improve competition policy and law enforcement in Ukraine; as well as – cooperation between them for the purpose of advocacy of competition principles and rules in our country;
  • intensification of international cooperation in the field of development and protection of economic competition, in particular at the level of Parliaments, Governments and governmental authorities (EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland etc.), executive authorities, competition agencies (European Commission, US Federal Trade Commission, competition agencies of EU countries and countries of other regions of the world), specialized courts, international organizations (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), International Competition Network (ICN) etc.), donor organizations, scientifically-expert institutions etc.;
  • assistance at holding of national forums, round tables and seminars on competition. 

Co-Chairs of the All Party Group:
Head of the Secretariat of the All Party Group:
Members of All Party Group:

Activities of Secretariat of All Party Group are aimed at:

  • proposal development of All Party Group аctivities outline;
  • providing of co-operation between All Party Group and state authorities, business environment, scientifically-expert and public organizations of Ukraine, as well as - Ukrainian mass media;
  • providing of co-operation between All Party Group and international organizations and experts.


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