-- Our Mission --

The core idea behind the Competition Development Foundation is creating a leading community platform to discuss pressing issues and improve the system for the protection of economic competition in Ukraine. The Competition Development Foundation achieves this by bringing together Ukrainian and International experts to create effective tools that discover and resolve the problems of market functionality.

-- Scope of Work --

The work of the Competion Development Foundation spans the entire spectrum of state competion policy. The Competition Development Foundation contributes to improving the competitive business enverionment in important markets, discovering ways to improve Ukrainian Competition Law with reference to the best international practices, and increasing transparency of state regulators and their interaction with business.

-- Our Method --

The Competition Development Foundation's objectives are achieved through the in depth analysis of competition issues in commodity markets, creating working groups for discussing issues regarding the development of economic competition, and writing resolutions and reccomendation for improving different components of the system and development of competition in Ukraine.

-- Our Specialty --

"The Competition Development Foundation's narrow specialization, deep understanding of the nuances of competition policy, law, and enforcement combined with immense knowledge and experience of state governance give us the opportunity to facilitate real change in the fields of competition and regulatory policy in Ukraine."

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