~About us~

~Our сooperation~

Competition Development Foundation – Ukrainian NGO with international panel of highly-qualified experts in regulatory policy, economics, law, and industry knowledge (energy, agriculture, transport, construction, etc). We provide support to authorities and businesses in Ukraine with an effort to increase competitiveness of domestic economy and ensure its effective role in regional and global contexts. Our expertise is based on many years of work in international organisations, regulating bodies, authorities and businesses. Competition Development Foundation has long-standing cooperation history with international organisations, state authorities and business associations. In our recent years we have successfully cooperated with UNCTAD, OECD, WorldBank, USAID, Energy Community, ICN, etc. Our Foundation has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and acts as expert support group for all-party group on protection of economic competition at the Parliament of Ukraine. Competition Development Foundation also in contract with the US Federal Trade Commission to support USAID’s technical assistance programme in Ukraine.

~Scope of our work~

~Results of our work~

Competition Development Foundation conducts expert reviews of markets functioning; provides recommendations to legislators, government and business associations; advocates for better changes in business environment; works with consumer associations; and otherwise promotes economic development of Ukraine and wellbeing of its citizens. We pay special attention to development of pro-competitive environment on strategic markets and support for SMEs in Ukraine. Our public events, roundtables and conferences (please check CDF’s Speakers Corner section), always bring significant media attention and have widespread positive effect in terms of advocacy.

Competition Development Foundation’s activities play important role in improvement of regulatory framework and business environment in Ukraine. Pro-competitive market functioning and strengthening of competitiveness of Ukrainian companies goes along with business innovations, improved investment climate, creation of workplaces, and overall economic development. We align our work with national development programmes and international initiatives for inclusive economic and social growth, i.e. the UN Sustainable Development Goals agenda (2015 – 2030).

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