~Our Mission~

~Scope of Work~

The core idea behind the Competitiveness Development Foundation is creating of a leading social platform to discuss topical issues and to elaborate propositions for improving of system of protection of economic competition of Ukraine. The Competitiveness Development Foundation activities are aimed at bringing together Ukrainian and international experts to create effective tools which are able to discover and resolve the problems of market functionality. The Competitiveness Development Foundation activities cover the whole gamut of the functional lines of the state’s competition policy. The Competitiveness Development Foundation contributes to: improving of the competitive environment for doing business on commodity markets; introduction of professional ethics rules in competition for the markets players; discovering ways to improve Ukrainian competition law and enforcement with reference to the best international practices; increasing of openness and transparency of state regulators and their interaction with business; competition advocacy among state authorities of Ukraine.

~Our Method~

~Our Specialisation ~

The Competitiveness Development Foundation objectives are achieved through the depth analysis of competition issues in commodity markets by involving of leading Ukrainian and international experts from various professional fields (law, economics, public administration, industry expertise); creating of working groups for discussing issues regarding the development of economic competition on functional (subject matter) and sectorial criterions; elaboration of resolutions and recommendations for improving of competition protection and development system components of Ukraine.

"The Competitiveness Development Foundation narrow specialization lies in deep understanding of effective competition policy basics, law and enforcement; it is also supplemented by profound experience and knowledge of public administration. Combination of these aspects gives us a real opportunity to reformation and improvement of competition and regulatory policy in Ukraine."























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